Today I bought a slice of pizza at a local pizza place as dinner/sustenance between work and volunteer shifts. I sat eating my slice and reading my book, but I kept getting distracted by the man tossing pizza dough to my right. It was mesmerizing. The dough swirled in the air, a lopsided tutu without a ballerina to centre it until it wobbled back to the man’s hands. I couldn’t help myself: I kept staring at the dough. Unfortunately that also meant I was staring in the direction of the man tossing the dough, and he began giving me the look. I had zero interest in the bearded fellow, but the dough, oh man, the dough! I’m tempted to search out videos of dough tossing and compile them into a three-hour dough-tossing extravaganza. I’d make sure to edit out people, other than their hands that have such tossing talent. I’d watch that video over and over again. But as it was at the pizza place, I felt uncomfortable thinking the man thought my attentions were directed towards him instead of his task, so I quickly skedaddled before I had to deal with a doughy incident.

What does this have to do with my daily word count? Not much, other than it’ll be the only words I write today towards my word count. So sleepy. Can hardly stop yawning long enough to type this much. More words tomorrow!

WordacCountability Tally:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 258
Total: 258
Grand Total: 2,258


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