This is only day 4 of my word journey, and I can already see the seeds of two stories planted firmly in my mind starting to form in the words I’ve written. The snippets aren’t fully formed ideas yet as they need time to grow into themselves, but writing them down is definitely making them feel like they’ll grow into real stories one day. It’s exciting and terrifying and a little bit confusing since I never would have thought that a story about a cat with a human face would seep so deep into my psyche that I’ve now talked about it to three different people. I rarely talk about my story ideas, so obviously this one has sunk its claws in.

Today’s words aren’t many. They were originally going to be a poem, but somehow turned into creative nonfiction. Since I’m still new to writing every day and know my time limitations this week are many, I’m allowing myself freedom to just free write for whatever time I can and see where I end up. Even if it means I only write 100 words, I still feel good because that’s 100 words I wouldn’t have written otherwise. I’m sure I’ll crack down on myself shortly to focus on an actual project, but for the time being exploring the world with words is just what the doctor ordered.

My piece today was riffing off something someone said to me: “He has to find it in his pile of life.” I loved that turn of phrase and it became a starting point for sorting through some emotional stuff I’ve been carrying around. This is something else I’m definitely going to return to with fresh eyes and not after being put through the emotional ringer of a movie called A Monster Calls (it’s so good! But damn, my eyes did sweat a lot through it!). I figure this week is about planting some seeds, seeing what withers and what sprouts in the coming weeks. Even a paragraph or two might be just enough to get me back to into the creative mindset I seem to have lost. Creative wayfinding isn’t always an obvious path. Sometimes you have to get lost before you can get to where you need to be.

WordacCountability Tally:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 194
Blogging: 398
Total: 592
Grand Total: 2,850


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