One of my coworkers asked about the movie I saw last night (I’d mentioned to her I was on my way to a movie) and I told her I’d signed an NDA that I wouldn’t talk about it. She was fine with that, but my other coworker wondered how I’d been invited to such a thing. I told him we were heading to another screening when a marketing guy asked if we’d like to come back on Wednesday and watch that film and give feedback. But that wasn’t a good enough story for my coworker. Now he thinks I skulk around behind movie theatres, trying to find filmmakers with rough cuts who want my opinion. I told him I’m not really into skulking, but I’ll let him know if I find out about other screenings such as this one. That seemed to satisfy his green-eyed monster. We’re film geeks, so this is the sort of thing we like. Seriously, though, if I could find a paying gig critiquing films and/or offering opinions on how to improve them, I’d take it in a heartbeat! Know anyone who’s hiring for such a job? Let me know!

In writing news: I talked about writing with yet another coworker (I don’t have time to talk to my friends because I work way too damned much; good thing many of my coworkers are friends!). We tried to find a date where we could get together and have a write-in, and that’s when I realized the rest of my January is pretty much a write off (and not in the good way). My life after February 5th is currently up in the air and so I’m trying to make sure I still have rent money for a couple of months in case my contract isn’t extended. It’s stressful, and definitely taking its toll on my sleep patterns, which, in turn, is taking its toll on my overall energy. I’ve resigned myself to writing a blog post every day this month: I’ll consider any words beyond that delicious! But taking a bit of pressure off myself to CREATE while I’m trying to sort out the life crapola might, maybe, I hope, help me sleep better at night. Either that, or I’m going to start writing stream-of-consciousness weirdness as soon as I wake up from my bad sleep. That could be fun. Or terrible. I’ll try it in the morning and see what happens.

Speaking of sleep, my pillow is calling. With this post, I’ve written over 5,000 words. I’m pretty happy about that. I’ll get there with finding the balance. Until then, I’ll celebrate my little victories. *insert fireworks gif here* (too tired to google for one so you get the cheap/sleepy version)


WordacCountability Tally Jan. 12:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 478
Total: 478
Grand Total: 5,313


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