Well, what do you know? Giving myself permission not to write anything outside of blog posts this month, but also telling myself to at least try writing when I woke up (thank goodness for the later-starting shift this morning!) actually worked! I wrote about 200 words of description for a gay erotic romance story, something I’d promised a friend months ago but hadn’t any inspiration until I woke up with two characters in mind. At first I just laughed at how silly the characters were portrayed, but then I realized my muse was kicking me in the dreamspace and I got to writing all beautiful 190 words that will help me back to that dreamspace when I have more time to concentrate on Sunday. Yay! And that seemed to kickstart my muse since she gave me another idea while on transit towards work. Figures it was a crazy busy day where even my breaks were dealing with fallout from the rest of the day, so no time to concentrate on creative things other than swears in my head about customers. But, I digress.  I wrote 190 words describing a story that I’m picturing perfectly in my head! And I think it’ll be a much longer story than my usual stories, so big YAY!

And now, sleep, since tomorrow is another long workday. Really can’t wait until I work normal hours. Or something.

WordacCountability Tally Jan. 13:

Fiction: 190
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 255
Total: 445
Grand Total: 5,758


5 thoughts on “Kicking Me In The Dreamspace

    1. Hello, Tiegan, thank you for being my first-ever commenter! It’s tough to keep writing, especially since life often gets in the way. But I’ll definitely keep at it!

      Ooh, I love poetry! Only dabbled with erasure poetry. Do you have a site where I can check out your work?

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      1. I understand both sharing and not sharing work on your blog. It all depends on what your goals are. If you’re trying to build up a CV, then keep your work for the journals since most won’t accept previously published work. But if you just want to share you work with the world, post away! I tend to hold my work close to my chest, as well, since those first rights can never be given back, even if a journal/website folds. That being said, one of my pieces has great legs (heh) and I’ve now resold it to two different markets, despite it still being available on the original website! I love it when that happens, but it’s rare. Best of luck with your work. And I followed your blog!


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