Today was another write-off because my downstairs neighbour (the one I’ve dubbed vile human in my head because he chain smokes for hours, stinking up the place) decided that 4:30 in the morning was the perfect time to bang on the ceiling (aka my floor) not once, but twice. The banging was enough to shake my bed and completely wake me up. After that, not a peep (just more chain smoking), but it meant that I was wide awake because adrenaline boosts at 4:30 a.m. are not conducive to getting back to sleep. Then I had a busy, long day at the occasional job, which was good because a) money and b) busy made it go by fast but the job and the commute took up the rest of my day. I’m so happy that I have tomorrow off…as long as my neighbour doesn’t pull another dancing-on-the-ceiling act tonight, I should be able to spend tomorrow doing laundry and working on one or both of the stories I came up with yesterday. *fingers and legs crossed*

One of the good things about the occasional job is that I deal with lots of people and find out many of their names. Many names are fairly common, and many others are way out there, but sometimes someone comes along with a name that I end up writing on my name list to be used in a future story. Today’s favourite: Happy. I didn’t actually get to meet Happy, but even learning that someone is named Happy made me happy. I don’t think I can use that name in a story to my list as most people will think it’s a made-up name, but I’m definitely adding it so that it will make me smile when I peruse the list, searching for a name for a sexy merman or a fabulous lesbian race car driver. Happy won’t fit into most of my stories. But she will make me smile every time I remember she actually exists.

And now, I’m going to attempt to sleep. My neighbour better not wake me up tonight or I might have to take up clog dancing at all hours of the day and night.


WordacCountability Tally Jan. 14:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 0
Total: 387
Grand Total: 6,145


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