Today, while waiting for my friend to meet up with me after a much-shorter-than-expected session learning about the free screenwriting software Celtx and relearning the basics of screenwriting, I was sitting in a food court-esque area. As I ate my pasta and contemplated my set of animated short screenplays, I started people watching. This isn’t unusual for me, since I often observe human behaviour as research.

Observation #3: one thing that was different was observing a group of five teenagers, a group I don’t see so much in my everyday life. My job usually deals with the very young, the parents of the very young, and the very old. Teenagers aren’t all that interested in my particular niche of arts and entertainment, and so I don’t get a chance to observe them without being a creepy old lady staring at teenagers. But where I sat was the perfect place to see the dynamics of this particular group. There were five of them: three girls and two boys. The girls naturally gravitated to one another around one table, and the one awkward boy almost sat at another table, until his friend, the better-looking boy, gave him a knowing look and they scooted chairs over to where the girls were. I noticed the good-looking boy sat himself beside the awkward girl with the multi-coloured hair and the awkward boy ended up beside the prettiest girl at the table. I tried not to stare too hard at them lest I turn into the a-feared creepy old lady, but was curious about this dynamic. The better-looking boy seemed genuinely interested in the awkward girl, while the awkward boy was completely out of his depth beside the pretty girl. I wish I could have asked them about their relationships to each other, but since I could only observe what happened from five tables away, it was fascinating and bizarre. Nothing like the movies, that was for sure! Not that I recall life ever acting like the movies, especially in teendom. But I liked what I saw. I liked that the boy with social skills looked out for the awkward pair, didn’t slam them together so that their end of the table would just be silent. I felt bad for the awkward boy, but at the same time, I could see that his friend wasn’t being mean – he was trying to get his friend out of his comfort zone, which would have obviously been to sit at a different table and observe the girls the way I was observing their group. He did it in such a subtle way that the girls didn’t even notice it, which was nice to see from my little corner. I’ve tried my hand at writing YA stories, but it’s hard because I’m so disconnected from that age group. This little interaction reminded me of how unsure I was at their age (probably about 14) and how tenuous my grasp of what was going on around me. Kind of explains my teens, really. Not a freakin’ clue.


Observation #2: people need to tell very old women: “You look gorgeous!” more often. The compliment from a friend made a withered woman with a cane stand up taller. The effect was immediate and heartwarming.


Observation #3: a man was yelling obscenities at a wall. Wall did not respond. Old woman with a walker rolled by and smiled at the man. And the wall. The wall did not respond. There are some moments that make me question just about everything.


Observation #4: after the movie (Hidden Figures! Go see it! It’s fantastic!), friend was doing a Bunz trade and I waited with her. When we were walking towards the meeting spot, we noticed a guy with a big, goofy smile walking around and around a pillar. We kept expecting to see someone else come around the pillar, like a small child with whom he was playing hide and seek, but no other person came around. This happened in the same building where the man yelled obscenities at a wall and the woman smiled at the wall. Friend and I have decided the walls of this particular mall are either haunted, or perhaps harbour sprites or faeries or something. Noting this for further wall research, as seems an investigation should be conducted. Where are the Winchester brothers when I need them? No, really, I need them, for, uh, wall research! I swear it!


In other non-wall-observatory news, I wrote 151 words of a story today. Not a lot, but more than a few, so I’m happy about that. Also feeling inspired to work on my short screenplays in the next few days. Wanted to talk about them with friend I met up with today but we had so much else to cover (what could it be hidden in the walls of that place that makes people react like so?!) that I forgot. Good thing I’ll be seeing her again soon so we can bounce ideas around then.


WordacCountability Tally Jan. 17:

Fiction: 151
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 851
Total: 1,002
Grand Total: 8,226


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