Hello! I haven’t abandoned you, loyal followers! I technically wrote a post the other night but never posted it because I fell asleep as soon as I finished typing. But damnit if I’m not going to count it in my wordcount for the year! Heck, if I counted the amount of writing-related emails and such I wrote in January, I’d be well over 20K by now. But even I think that’s taking it too far for my every word counts tagline.

So, here’s the scoop of where I was the last week: working the trade show was fun but super-long hours that absolutely drained me. By the time I got home, I had nothing left. I made some notes in my notebook, which I have yet to transcribe, and I’m not sure what day they were written, so I’m not sure where to include them on my spreadsheet. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just leave them as notebook notes and move on. But now that the trade show is over and my schedule is normalizing (somewhat!), I’m going to attempt to get back into a regular writing habit. They renewed my contract, so I’ll have at least part-time work until the end of July (yeah!), so I’m pretty happy about not having to live under a bridge, which would suck since I live in Canada and bridges aren’t the best homesteads in nice weather, let alone ugly winters. I have another trade show coming up in a couple of weeks, but it’s only a weekend instead of a full week, so I’m hoping it won’t interrupt my wordflow. Since I fell somewhat out of my burgeoning writing habit, I’m starting with a blog post (that I’ll actually post instead of passing out before I have a chance to do so!) today. Tomorrow, we’ll see what I produce.

One thing I did do over the last couple of days was work on my list of things I’d like to accomplish in February related to my writing life. I did one in December, which is partially what got me to launch this here site. Then I did one in January, which I only accomplished a few things on the list. And now all the stuff I pushed from January falls into February, a short but what I’m hoping to be a productive month. I’ve been so inspired by awesome writers lately who are doing all the things and following their wordy dreams. I need to do the same! And so tonight, before I fall asleep, I’m going to concentrate on one of the story ideas I came up with in January and try to “program” my dreams to help me work out the details of the story. Have you ever tried something like that? I’ve done it in the past with mixed results. But I figure it’s worth a shot. Can’t hurt, anyway.

And with that (and copious yawns), I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams!

WordacCountability Tally February 1:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 518
Total: 518
Grand Total: 11,988


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