So, I had to hit the reset button on life. It wasn’t a hard reboot, but it took a while for me to come back online. I guess I teetered too close to the edge of empty for too long. In the interim, I watched movies, read books, and tried to remember that I need to put words on paper (or screen), not just let them float in my head. Case in point: when I don’t write, my dreams go cuckoos. One of my dreams was about having to take care of demon (or maybe alien) quintuplets who had to be kept in a hole. It was awful. Why were those babies kept in a hole? I’d go and put my hands down the hole and they’d nuzzle my hands and arms and look up at me with their huge eyes. But I was under strict orders to keep them down there, even when they tried to climb up my arms, I’d have to push them back down. At one point, the house where I was taking care of said demons-kept-in-a-hole babies started to slide down into the ground, at which point Satan came out of my bedroom wearing one of my dresses and I kept screaming, “Fuck you, Satan!” at him until he righted the house and left us alone. I woke myself up after that because really, once you’ve yelled “Fuck you, Satan!” too many times, there’s just no restful sleeping after that. Needless to say, I’m getting back to writing so that I won’t have to take care of demon babies in a hole again. That was really messed up, even by my brain’s standards.

So, traditionally, January and February are my least favourite months. I don’t have a problem with winter or snow, but I do find myself affected by SAD when there’s no sun for weeks on end. Not to mention that the majority of bad things have happened to my family and friends in these two months, and 2017 has been no exception. The number of people telling me about deaths, illnesses, and other bad news in the past few weeks is crippling (and part of the reason I was on hiatus in order to deal with it all). But instead of wallowing in it, I’m trying to take it all and put it into my writing. I wrote two book reviews today, which I’m very happy to have done since it’s not something I’ve done before. They won’t be featured on this blog, although in the near future I will be featuring some reviews on this site, mostly books about writing and/or business. Also in the near future (hoping this week!), I’ll be launching a book review site just for the sexy books I read. I figure it’s good practice to keep my writing skills up, and it may help authors sell more books, so why not? I’ll post details here once I have them.

Well, it’s late and I need to work tomorrow (did I mention my part-time contract has been extended? At least there’s one thing working in my favour!), so I’m going to sign off. I won’t be including my scribbling word counts from the last couple of weeks since I have no idea how many words I’ve scribbled in notebooks. But I’m happy to be back at this, looking forward to getting back to my daily word counting with you.

WordacCountability Tally February 12:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 1,268
Blogging: 591
Total: 1,859
Grand Total: 13,847


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