One of my Facebook friends astutely pointed out today that stores always seem to run out of shovels during snowstorms. Why is that? It’s March, not, say, July, when you wouldn’t expect to find a shovel that has nothing to do with gardening. Do people throw out their shovels after a big storm, optimistically thinking it will be the last of the season, even if it’s January? One person commented that she loses shovels because she leaves them outside and they get buried in the snow. That’s fair. And it’s also fair that some shovels break and/or are stolen from porches. But how big stores completely run out of what I would think is a necessity in a northern climate is a bit baffling. Maybe they don’t keep enough stock around because our weather is so wacky that we’ve had summer in February? Or maybe the supply and demand thing doesn’t work with shovels because the stores don’t know why people surge to buy them all up as a big storm’s approaching. This isn’t something that I would normally think about, but my procrastination is turned up high tonight, so instead of working on my WIP or applying for jobs or even reading a book, I’m worrying about the shovel question. And the snowfall we’re supposed to get overnight. And why I didn’t buy potato chips when I was stocking up on supplies (but no shovels, as none could be found!). You know, the BIG IMPORTANT STUFF that everyone should worry about. Or something.

So, even though it’s early, I’m going to call it a night and admit these are the only words I’m going to write today. But hey, writing even a blog post two days in a row, even if this one is, well, pretty pointless, unless you’re a shovel maker or supplier—in which case, please explain to me the supply and demand chain for shovels in snowstorms! I’ll share my as-yet unbought and therefore as-yet uneaten chips with you if you do!—is an accomplishment in my books. Adding words to my spreadsheet makes me happy. And everyone needs to find that little thing that makes them happy, especially when stuck in the middle of the snowstorm without chips. Or a shovel.


WordacCountability Tally March 13:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 397
Total: 397
Grand Total: 17,901


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