Sorry if I got a bit ranty yesterday. I was upset to hear about my online friend’s passing, and even more upset to see a badly written obituary for someone who was always full of words. I will say it reinforced a couple of things in my mind: 1. Life is too damned short, and 2. I need to stick to my writing because I don’t want my own obit to say “She never married and she ate a lot of potato chips. She talked up a good storm about writing but never wrote a word.” Nope. Not acceptable.

In a surprising burst of creativity last night, I wrote a short story inspired by thinking about space pirate erotica. The actual story I wrote wasn’t sexy at all. It was meant to be humourous (although the humour seemed to get buried underneath trying to come up with spacey ways to describe things) and it’s definitely a work in progress that needs revision and/or a complete overhaul, but I’m still happy to have 900 words and potentially a new universe to play in, as this setting has potential for many more short stories. I wish I could tell Alan what he’s inadvertently inspired in me. I think it would have amused him greatly.


WordacCountability Tally March 15:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 605
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 237
Total: 842
Grand Total: 20,129


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