At work tonight, a coworker kept pestering me to tell him which supervillain I would date. I didn’t have an answer for him because it’s not something I really cared about or wanted to put any thought into. But since he persisted, I said, “Sir Ian McKellen’s Magneto.” He didn’t believe me. “Don’t you mean Fassbender?” “No, I want the awesome, knighted, older gay man.” Another male coworker came over to question me, disbelieving that I meant McKellen, not Fassbender. Seriously, guys, you ask me for my choice and then tell me I’m wrong? You’re asking me to choose a supervillain to date. I’m going to choose someone I think I could hang out with on a regular basis. And seriously, I’d never lose my keys. “Honey, can you do that thing with the metal for me? I’ve lost my keys again. Love you! Muah!”


Maybe the guys I work with couldn’t believe that I’d pick Sir Ian Magneto because they couldn’t see themselves in that character, or see me, a considerably younger woman, finding the appeal of an older baddie. But considering the supervillain options out there, why wouldn’t I go for one with wisdom and class? One who struggles with his goodness within, even if he gives in to his darker side more often than not? He wears a cape but not ridiculous spandex. And I could be wrong, but I don’t think he laughs maniacally in any of the movies. What’s not to love (besides the egomaniacal, wants mutants to take over the world stuff, but who doesn’t have flaws)? The more I think about it (which I really didn’t want to think about it at all until my hand was forced by an overzealous colleague), Sir Ian Magneto is the best choice for boyfriend material should I ever be forced to date a supervillain. As my supervillain bf says, “Get over it!”



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