Sometimes, I don’t see my friends for long stretches at a time. It’s not that I don’t love spending time with them, but jobs, families, distance, and life often make getting together difficult. So when I do have a chance to see some of my favourite people, I’m all for it, even if it means that my almost-fixed sleep patterns get buggered up again, which is what happened this week. Since my sleep patterns are already messed, I saw/am seeing three friends this week. They’re all creative and fun and funny in their own ways, and so far, after seeing the first two, I’ve come home inspired to think about and work on my current sci fi romance stories. Hoping tonight will provide the same sort of word-inspiring results! It’s interesting since I often feel guilty about meeting up with friends because I keep telling myself that I should be writing. But then I come away with fresh perspective after talking with good people (not the draining ones) and I’m happy I went, especially since these stories I’m writing after talking to them aren’t necessarily something that would have occurred to me if I hadn’t been talking to them. I texted the friend I saw last night to tell him the story I wrote in the wee hours of the morning is going to be dedicated to him. He said this made his day! Nice. The beauty of being a writer is that you can make (or break) someone’s day with just a few words. I hope he takes that feeling and puts it into something even better today. I needed this little reminder that I don’t live in a vacuum of creativity. I create my best work when I have something to bounce off of, be it a line I read in a book, an odd scene I saw play out on transit, or a conversation with a friend. I need to remember that when I’m wishing I could live in a mountain (yes, in a mountain. You have your dreams, I have mine!) and just write. Although that might be nice for a short period, I’d likely get bored fairly quickly and take to writing mountain porn or something equally WTF.

All right, I’m posting this early in case I get home really late from the movie tonight. I want to attempt to get to bed at an appropriate time, and don’t want the guilt of not posting a blog post (or even many this month) to keep me up.

Look at that lovely Short Stories word count for today! That’s a nice little feather in my conversation inspiration cap!


WordacCountability Tally March 28:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 1,038
Nonfiction: 0
Blogging: 462
Total: 1,500
Grand Total: 25,488


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