I’ve been reading up on the pros and cons of posting articles on Medium. Once I’m a little more comfortable with writing online, I think I might give it a shot. It seems to be a platform with an engaged audience looking for content (even if that content often has clickbait-y headlines) and potential to gain a decent following and get republished there. I’d publish things elsewhere first, though, as everything I read isn’t sure what the future of Medium holds and that means content could just disappear should the platform decide to upgrade or change formats or any number of what if scenarios. Part of my hesitation to jump in to online writing has always been about the “what ifs” of putting writing on the internet. But obviously I’m starting to embrace it as it is the way things have gone and left me scratching my head in the process. This old dog is tired of observing everything but never accomplishing anything other than eyestrain.

Wonderful readers, what are your thoughts on Medium? Have you used it? Did you like it? Have any awesome viral-post stories or cautionary tales? Please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear personal experiences before I dive in!


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