So, I have this one series that I really want to write but my characters are being dicks. Well, actually, it’s just the one character, but since he’s the main character, it’s really hard to get anywhere since he’s front and centre and won’t let me name him. He keeps telling me that whatever placeholder I write isn’t his name, and he refuses to cooperate by telling me his damned name so I can get on with writing his story. It’s really quite frustrating since I thought I’d be done writing this series of shorts a couple of weeks ago, but nooooo, my MC is a dick. I’ve threatened I’m going to call him Archibald, and that makes him laugh. Really hard. Because who’s going to read a set of sexy stories about someone named Archibald*? He knows he’s got me there. So, instead of allowing him to get the better of me with his insolence, I’ve been focusing on my sci fi romance series that brings me so much joy, I’m not sure I’ll ever leave that universe. Especially since even the biggest jerk of a character in that universe lets me call him his name without so much as a disapproving glance in my direction. So why is this other guy being such a giant knob? Oh yeah, because he’s a hot guy with lots of money. But the thing is, I don’t play those games. Not in real life and most certainly not in the worlds I’m creating. And I’m not gonna let him push me around. I’m just going to write around him until either he tells me his name or that story becomes a different story and I no longer have to take his flack for not getting his name right. Seriously, guy, don’t mess with me. I have zero qualms with ditching you for a better, worthier main character. I’m at the point where I’m thinking of turning a series of sexy stories into a series of horror stories created just to torture you. A series where nobody ever knows your name because you’re a dick and you deserve all that’s coming to you. Ahhh, the revenge of an author…

*Archibald is a fine name. It’s just not what one would think of as a sizzling hot name of a billionaire entrepreneur. Actually, I want to use the name Archibald for another character because calling someone Archie would make me smile. Just not this guy. Because this guy’s a dick.


(Post from yesterday but computer wasn’t cooperating. It must be taking lessons from my new unnamed character!)

WordacCountability Tally April 3:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 207
Blogging: 438
Total: 645
Grand Total: 29,520


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