I posted asking my friends for hot guy names since I really want to get that series written and out of my head. I asked for uncommon names, since I likely have many friends named David, John, Daniel, etc. (unintentional biblical reference there). I got the typical responses of using their own names from my joker friends, a couple of already over-used (and truly not hot names), a confusing suggestion from one person to use her 10-year-old son’s name (it made me feel icky), but also some names I’d never heard of. The most interesting part, for me, anyway, was that the Italians posted mostly Italian names, the Latinas posted Hispanic names, and the white people posted Anglophone names. Only one well-travelled gay white male friend picked names outside his background (Russian, Indian, and Arabic). None of my Filipino/Black/Indian/Asian/Arabic/insert-ethnicity-here friends responded so far, which is fine, I didn’t expect even the number of responses I got, but does make me wonder what they would have recommended. I might ask a couple privately, just out of curiosity. But it was an interesting thing to observe, considering I didn’t stipulate that the character was anything other than “hot,” male, and difficult to name. He had no ethnicity or even any context, but the names people think are hot were very obviously influenced by their backgrounds. Bias and race are tricky things, and I’m not sure how to interpret any of this. It was merely an observation I made after being frustrated enough to crowdsource a name for a picky character. And something I’m likely going to notice more when I’m naming my characters in the future.


Posting early since I have training tonight and I have a feeling a couple of colleagues from my old department will drag me out, even though I just want to get home and back into my fictional world.


WordacCountability Tally April 4:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 977 (book review and two poems!)
Blogging: 339
Total: 1,316
Grand Total: 30,836


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