I spent the last week preparing for a job interview yesterday. It was a really long interview for a job in an industry where I’ve never worked. I gave the interview my all and came out of it feeling really good, even if I had been given wrong information all around about how it was going to work. I try to go with the flow on such things, which I believe is a plus for a company that’s growing super-fast. Right now I’m prepping handwritten thank you notes plus a more formal thank you letter to send in the mail tomorrow. If I don’t get a job offer from all of this, I’ll be disappointed, but I know I did my best and I’ll try to learn from this and move forward. Since I’m constantly stressing about money and paying rent, I know that having a full-time job again would definitely help me concentrate on my creative pursuits. So, if you have a moment, please send me some positive vibes for getting this job! Much obliged!

Now, since I’ve spent the last week focusing my energy on the interview and not on my current sci fi romance stories, I’ll admit I’ve fallen out of the habit of even thinking about them. I like those characters, though, so I’m going to go back to read the stories I’ve written/partially written to get back into the right mindset for writing about them. I, thankfully, have another three days off (but eek, not making any money for those four days hurts!), so I plan on delving back into that world. I’d love to be able to release those stories in May or June. I still haven’t figured out what platform I’m going to release them on, or even under which name, but since I can’t do anything with them until they’re actually done, I’m focusing on that first, the particulars later.

Referring back to my last post about Hot Guy Character Names, some of my friends/coworkers keep approaching me with new names every time they see me. It’s actually quite amusing when someone just whispers a name to me, with no context or preamble. I’m getting used to it, but it usually does take me a moment or two to figure out whatever they mean. Even though that one character remains unnamed so that story remains untold, I came up with a pair of names that I really like together which will likely become my first m/m couple story. Funny how that often works out!

All right, now it’s time for me to get caught up on my poems for the month. Who knew throwing everything you’ve got at getting a particular job was so time-consuming?! Didn’t even have time to think about poetry. But now, I will write poems and try to get back into my sci fi romance world.


WordacCountability Tally April 14:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories: 646
Nonfiction: 1,429 (eight poems yet still not caught up!)
Blogging: 509
Total: 2,584 (ooh, I broke 2K!)
Grand Total: 33,420


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