I’m not really a big drinker anymore. Sometimes I’ll have a drink or two because I like the taste of something, but I don’t usually drink just to drink anymore. But I decided tonight that I wanted to get a little tipsy, see if I could work on one of my sexy stories that’s been on the backburner for far too long. I poured myself a currant vodka and fruit punch concoction (heavy on the currant vodka, light on the fruit punch) and followed a couple of Twitter accounts that were doing word sprints today for sprintsperation (hello lovely peeps running @GetWordies and @NaNoWordSprints! Thank you for the kick in the pants I needed!) and also checked in with my friend in England to whom I’d promised a merman m/m sexy story. He provided the name of my main character, which was great! I thought I’d be naming the main character after him or a variation of his name, but he suggested something completely different, which I could totally get behind. I’d already pictured at least parts of how this story, which will likely be a novella instead of my usual short story length, so I dove right in with all the oceanic metaphors and such I could. It wasn’t until I had paused for a washroom break/vodka refill that I realized I’d called my character both a dolphin shifter and a merman. Um, what is he? I still don’t actually know. I’ve asked my friend for his preference, since I’m mostly writing this story for him, and if he likes it, I’ll see if it has a broader audience. If not, well, it’s good practice for a) rebuilding my alcohol tolerance and b) writing longer fiction (both are important skillz to improve upon!).But seriously, how could I have mixed up a dolphin shapeshifter with a merman? Yes, they’re both undersea creatures, but not even close to one another for so many other reasons. I mean, it wasn’t as ridiculous as mixing up a dolphin shifter with a yeti, mind you, but still ridiculous. I blame vodka!

Equally baffling is that I’m nearly at the 4K (YES!!! Best word count I’ve had in AGES!!! Thank you, sprintsperations!!) mark and the two characters haven’t gotten it on yet. It’s like this story is being written by someone who isn’t me! Oh yes, it’s being written by my best friend, Vodka. But I would have thought Vodka would have them getting it on right from the first scene! Then again, there’s lots of tension building up, which is probably better for a longer story to hold a reader’s attention. But still, I always thought vodka-induced writing = sexy times had by all. I have now been proven wrong. Thanks, Vodka. Maybe I should try the Write Sober, Edit Drunk thing and see if the sexy times pop up sooner?

By the way, if you want to follow my weird tweets, you can find me here. I’m wishing I could live tweet as I write while tipsy, but then again, maybe not. What I find incredibly hilarious now will likely cause me big-ass headaches later. Guess I’ll find out when I go to edit this dolphin/merman story!

WordacCountability Tally April 15:

Fiction: 3915
Short Stories: 0
Nonfiction: 282 (two poems, only two more and I’m all caught up!)
Blogging: 580
Grand Total: 38,197


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