I thought last night’s wordiness was because of the word sprints/sprintsperation, which I’m positive were part of it. But now that I’m thinking about it, I’m starting to cart things out of my place, which I’m sure is helping, as well. I brought 8 books to the Little Free Library up the street. Eight books is nothing in the grand scheme of how many books I have in total around here, but it struck me as a starting point, something to build on similar to how I’ve structured this website. Every word counts, I say. And so does getting rid of stuff. I won’t be Marie Kondo-ing my entire place just yet, but getting rid of stuff is freeing, not just physically but also mentally. So I am curious if I hadn’t taken those 8 books away, would I have almost broken 5K words yesterday? Not sure. But it’s something to think about and notice as I continue The Great Purge. My freezer is now half full instead of bursting at the seams. My bookshelves continue to groan under the weight of their burdens, but maybe a teeny bit less now. I have 4,777 more words than I had two days ago. Somehow, it seems to be a weird scale of physical stuff versus creative output. It’s also because I have a few days off in a row to actually dedicate to writing, but why would I focus on that when I can make shit up?

When I Googled “weird scale,” this was the best image I found. And had to share, because everyone should know the Beard Scale!

Beard scale

WordacCountability Tally April 16:

Fiction: 0
Short Stories:  0
Nonfiction: 313
Blogging: 437
Total: 750
Grand Total: 38,947


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