I started this page as a way to hold myself accountable to writing words every day. Even if it’s just a few words, but preferably more than a few, I want the world to know when I’m writing and when I’m not in the hopes that making this public will force me to start a schedule and keep at it. They say it takes 21 (or was that 66?) days to form a habit. I’m giving myself 365 days, and will see what comes of it by the end of 2017.

Since I’ve already fallen off the wagon more than once, I can already see the struggles ahead. As incentive for myself, I’ve also started reviewing nonfiction books* about writing/writing process, business/entrepreneurship/marketing, and productivity/creativity as a way to a) add to my word count, b) help me process and retain information from the books I’m reading, c) read more nonfiction, and d) perhaps help you find something new to read.

You’re welcome to join in anytime by posting your own word counts, excerpts, encouragements, and perhaps even chastisement if I haven’t updated my word count in a while.

This is WordacCountability, where Every Word Counts, but that means I need to be writing and not traipsing about my neighbourhood, hoping to find a furry friend. Now: let’s get writing!




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